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Moriash Moreau: My Second Life
Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Yet Another Floating Building
Here are a couple pictures of my current building project in the Garden of Mo. I've been grinding out yet another floating building. I suppose, someday, I'm going to have to try my hand at ground-bound construction.

As you can see, this one shares some design elements and color scheme with the old SkyLounge. I haven't really decided if this one is going to replace the old Lounge, or simply be an expansion. I'll probably let the primcount decide. This one will have considerably more furniture and decoration than the Lounge. Between that and the allowances required for the Garage of DOOM, I expect to be running pretty close to my parcel limits.

Here you can see the entry side on the south facing. Entry will be by free-floating physical elevator, through the open balcony on the top level. I'm standing next to the railing there. I've kept the slow-scrolling abstract decorative panes from the Lounge as a backdrop for the ramps. Between those and the railing, an avatar can actually manage to perform the deceptively difficult task of walking up and down a narrow (two meters being "narrow" in SL) on the first attempt. Incidentally, those stupid ramps and rails took far, far too long to work out. Trigonometry is not my friend.

The new building has three 15x15 meter floors, less some lost area to curved corners. That's quite a bit of area to play with. The bottom floor (not certain which way to number when you enter a flying building from the top level) contains what will become a small garden area, the centerpiece of which is a standard Linden pine tree. This is a nod toward the abstract pine that has become the unofficial logo of the Garden of Mo. (You can see it on my T-shirt up there in the corner.) The center of the floor on the second level (I suppose that works no matter which way you count) has cutout and railing, allowing visitors to look down onto the garden. And, incidentally, saving me from having to figure out what to put in the middle of the second floor.

I'll probably put a lounge area on the lower level, with couches, coffee tables, and such. The middle level will have bar/lunch counter seating, similar to the old SkyLounge. The top floor is up in the air at this point. I'm tentatively planning on trying to make an art gallery/informational area. The area would have a simple rezzer that can swap the furnishing and displays out on demand, with a menu of various exhibits for the user to select. This will give me a place to put all of my smaller projects, without having to designate full time prim space to them.

I'm sure I'll have more pictures as I go.
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