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Moriash Moreau: My Second Life
Friday, July 28, 2006
GoD Beta
Ladies and gentlemen, FICs and furries, goths of all ages, I'm proud to announce the official beta release of the Garage of Doom! Just click on the Garden of Mo link up there on the right, ride the transport stool labeled "Garage of DOOM," and give it a go!

The basics should be pretty self-explanatory, and I've written some documentation, as well. Just touch the "IN CASE OF MONSTERS BREAK GLASS" box in the security room to get your HUD, gun, and docs. Then, once you've skimmed the instructions (they're not too long), don your HUD and gun, touch the double doors, and you're in. Have fun!

And when you're done, please let me know what you think. I've installed a simple answering machine in the security room. If you have any comments or suggestions, touch it and speak your mind. It'll record everything it hears for three minutes and send me the transcript.

Be nice.

Aside from any bugs you might notice, I'm mostly interested in your thoughts on the general game balance and playability. Just so I can get a feel for how to scale your comments, you might mention your previous experience with other First Person Shooters. I'm looking for things like:

I'm happy to listen to any suggestions and ideas for future improvements to the game you might have, too. Just keep in mind the scope of the project. I'd love to have fully articulated 3-D animated prim models of the fiends, running through a multi-level, sim-spanning parking complex and shopping mall... But I only have about a 16th of a sim's resources to play with.

Oh, and I know it needs cars, thanks. Working on it.
I enjoy the fact that I can read this as you are on the beta version of God. Yes yes, I know you didn't mean that.

But I get warm fuzzies when I think of you tweaking the Almighty Creator a bit. *laughs*
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