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Moriash Moreau: My Second Life
Friday, June 10, 2005
Free PC?
While wandering through Arcata sim the other day, I ran across a MetaAdverse billboard that made me see red.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, spam has once again reared its ugly head in Second Life. Against my better judgment, I touched the sign and received a notecard. Inside, I found a message extolling the virtues of a wonderful new scheme to get the advertising player, and the player reading the notecard, a new computer. Just click on the included link (which I'll be thrice damned before posting here), and sign up for a few of these exciting offers!

In spite of my overwhelming desire to see him flamed and neg-rated to hell and back, I'm going to withhold the name of the avatar behind this advertisement. He did include it in the notecard, though, and even gave an open invitation to IM him for further information. So he's either very foolish, or he's using an alt. Given that he only joined the game in late May, yet somehow managed to acquire the Lindens and the SL-savvy for a MetaAdverse campaign, I'd guess it's the latter.

Remember that Free iPod scam that was all the rage a while back? You know, the one you received about 2,347 spam e-mails a week about? Just con ten of your friends into signing up for some service they don't need (and that is damn near impossible to cancel without cost), and they give you an iPod... If they didn't "misplace" your records, and the stars are in the proper alignment, and your biorhythms are favorable, and so on. Well, that was Gratis Network. They've apparently expanded their "free" (give or take a few friends) offerings to include desktop computers.

And now it's oozed its way onto the Second Life grid. Makes me want to try and revive MAKE MONEY FAST. If we're going to embrace the sleaziest aspects of the internet in SL, we might as well bring back the classics.
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