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Moriash Moreau: My Second Life
Monday, November 13, 2006
Torley Teaches Snapshots
Just finished watching Torley's advanced snapshots tutorial over my lunch break. (Here's an alternate link with somewhat better video quality.) Yeah, I know, I'm late to the party again. This time, the download got lost amongst my back episodes of Naruto and Samurai Champloo, and I didn't find it until today.

And, yes, I get a few stares watching Naruto at my cubicle. Oh well. At least I don't have to worry about straying into an emphatically Mature area, and getting dressed down by one of my bosses after seeing it over my shoulder... Unlike during my occasional lunchtime SL jaunts. True story. I had to talk pretty fast after being caught filming the second frame of this comic at work. Yeah, it's not that bad, at least by SL standards. This is the land of BDSM Gorean furries, after all, and that was just a lingerie shop. But, nonetheless, she wasn't best pleased. Now I stick to scripting in nice, quiet Louise when I'm at lunch. It's safer.

Of course, sure as I say that, a virtual porno theater is going to move in right next door. Ah, the shifting sands of SL.

But I digress. Frequently. In any case, you ought to make the time to watch this one. I thought I knew every snapshot trick in the book, after photographing for Plywood, but I sure learned a thing or two. And even if you're SL's answer to Ansel Adams, it's worth watching just to hear Torley speak. It does my heart good to hear from someone who so obviously loves what he's doing, and who's so genuinely, unabashedly stoked about Second Life. He's a heck of a lot of fun to listen to.

And now my lunch hour has well and truly passed, so I'll leave it at that. Go watch the tutorial. Take good pictures.
Moriash, I thought I left a comment here before, but no, I didn't, so this is belated: nevertheless, I did want to express thanks for mentioning and commenting about my Advanced Snapshot Magic tutorial, it was a lot of fun to make... and there's another video tut comin' in this month's (December) Second Opinion!

One of my main impetuses (impetii?) behind doing this tutorial was because I learned a great amount from experience and other Second Life photogs — not just talking, but observing and seeing how things are framed, angled, etc.

End result is I want more Resis to be able to joyfully capture their Second Life memories *as best as they can*. Stuff worth saving. Tehehe.

Have a good one! =D

It never ceased to amaze me how prolific Naruto is.
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