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Moriash Moreau: My Second Life
Monday, August 18, 2008
Get a First Life... Yawn.
So I wrote the following comment on this article in New World Notes. I made it as far as positioning my cursor over the "Post" button before I realized it's just pointless ranting of no particular insight or merit, and changed my mind. I think Hamlet (name dropping!) might be surprised at the number of times I've written comments like this on NWN, only to delete them un-posted in an effort to marginally improve the resulting average intellectual value of the discourse there. (If only everyone was so civically minded. You're welcome.) I'll leave the question of whether he'd care as an exercise for my loyal readers. In any case, this one amused me enough to copy-paste over here, instead of just zotting it outright. After all, this blog is primarily for my own amusement, anyway.... And nobody has any illusions about the intellectual value of the content here.

There really should be a stupidity fine charged to every TV or print media figure who makes the blindingly obvious and hackneyed "hyuk, hyuk, they should get a first life" comment. Maybe we could use the resultant profit stream to fund a money tree for the rare individuals who actually take the time to check SL out before speaking... Or fund a chain of educational islands with full-time paid press liaison staff, given the number of times I've seen it.

If nothing else, it just proves they haven't taken the minimal effort to install a client on their machine, or even do a quick Google or YouTube search, before shooting their mouths off. I mean, seriously, when is the last time you logged into SL for more than five minutes and DIDN'T see something sadly hilarious or deserving of such derision? (SL is like the web that way, come to think of it. Imagine that!) But all they can find is "Heh heh, they put 'life' in their name... I'll bet I can make a totally original 'get a life' comment that nobody on the entire planet ever, ever thought of before!"

We can take the derision, guys. SL is populated by some of the brightest, or at least the most tech-savvy, individuals in the world. By and large, we're well used to the knee-jerk put-them-in-their-place-before-they-become-our-bosses scorn that membership in such a group inspires. But please exercise the minimal intellectual horsepower required to be original about it!

Ahem. Well. Gonna climb down off this soapbox now, and crawl back into my parents basement where I reportedly belong.

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