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Moriash Moreau: My Second Life
Saturday, February 06, 2010
Going out of Business
Folks, I'm closing up shop in SL. Mo-Tech Industries is gone. If you've ever wanted a Mo-Tech Product, but couldn't afford one (which I would find astounding), well, feel free to drop in one last time. The entire Mo-Tech inventory is now available as freebies, for a limited time. Click the link up there at the right to get there.

SkyLounge is still staying around, albeit without the tower to hold it up. Yes, that's right, Mo-Tech Tower, formerly SL's real tallest structure, is no more. Couldn't justify the tier just to keep the monument to my own ego around. Feel free to drop by the Lounge, though. The elevator still goes there. Look for the big green carpet and the SkyLounge sign on the ground in northeast Louise.

Addendum: I couldn't bear to part with the Tower, so it's back, albeit in a somewhat simplified form. I know that's a load off your mind. The shop is still gone, however. It's amazing how many prims were left over after getting rid of all the demo products and signage.
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