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Moriash Moreau: My Second Life
Monday, March 21, 2005
Volcano Ball Update
Well, I just ran a quick stress test on the new arena. Chres, Lars, and myself climbed in three of the alpha-test globes and ran a few laps. Under the load of the physics calculations involved, the sim frames per second dropped by over 20% (from an already mediocre 480-500 FPS to a near-stuttering 380-400 FPS). And that was running with just three out of the six balls. After all of my grousing and worrying about the sim becoming too laggy to enjoy living in it, I can't very well become the largest single offender. Well, I could, but I'd lose that oh, so satisfying feeling of moral superiority. Mere SL-wide fame and popularity as the next great game inventor pales by comparison!

So, no Grav Ball/Murder Ball/Volcano Ball for me. Besides, after seeing the massive skyborne Hamster Sumo stadium in the adjacent sim, I fear my (independently developed) idea may appear derivative.

Oh well.
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