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Moriash Moreau: My Second Life
Monday, March 21, 2005
Volcano Ball
So I spent a few hours last night building out a prototype Volcano Ball arena. It's a 58m by 24m by 11m enclosure with an open balcony, and currently resides at an elevation of 290m above the Garden of Mo. It's mostly chrome and steel, but there's a large slab of my customary Brazilian rosewood motif on the underside. It just wouldn't be a Moriash Moreau build without the rosewood. I'm debating calling it the Mo-Rena, or possibly something along the SkyPod theme (SkyPod 4 would work, I suppose). Anyone have any ideas?

I had an idea this morning while I was in the shower. (If you know me, try not to picture that, for the sake of your own sanity and the health of your libido. If you don't, well, I look like Tom Selleck from his Magnum, PI days. Picture away.) It might be interesting to give the balls the ability to roll on the ceiling, as well as the floor. This would effectively double the play area (kind of a concern, given the limited size of the arena).

I tinkered with this a bit during lunch, with limited success. Simple application of a constant force doesn't seem to work with a loose avatar inside. It will lift the ball and rider to the roof when the rider is seated, but immediately drops to the floor again when he stands. I expect that I could manage it with a continuous series of impulses, but that seems inelegant. We'll have to see. If nothing else, it would be neat to give the balls the ability to jump. And it'd be nice to be able to come up with a pithy name, perhaps "Grav Ball," or something else that'd head off the inevitable ball-related locker room humor. As it is, I've had enough trouble with selecting colors. I finally had to settle for blue and green. I'll just have to deal with the blue ball comments.

My biggest concern, however, is whether I'll ever run any games as events. It seems like a huge pain in the ass, for little return. I'll post screenshots when I get done with the arena, either way.
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