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Moriash Moreau: My Second Life
Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Out and About
After reading this NWN article, I decided to drop a few Lindens and buy one of Tripper Tapioca's SL skateboards. While I was there, I also bought a bicycle and a unicycle. Those were nifty, to be sure, but the real fun is with the board. I spent an hour or so learning the basics (and not really even getting close) in the Parking Lot. I still can't control the board well enough to handle even the most basic maneuvers, but I got a real kick out of it nonetheless. Later on, I whipped together a quick and dirty anti-grav armband to extend my jumps (basically, used llSetForce to apply a constant upward force, thus reducing my effective weight). This is, of course, cheating. But it looks cool! Chrestomanci Bard snapped this picture of me in action.

Later, I saw a depressing post on the forums. Spittoonie Island was closing their doors on June 18, 2005. I realized that, in six months of play, I had never actually visited Spittoonie. So, Laura Ingersoll, Chrestomanci Bard, and I decided to make a trip to see it at least once before they closed their doors forever.

Laura and I wait in line while Chres prepares to puke up her guts.

Much to our disappointment, we find out that
our kiddie avs are too short to ride the Ferris wheel.

Fortunately, we had our teenager avs handy.

But, even after aging 10 virtual years, Laura still harbored some resentment for the clown bouncer.

Laura Ingersoll kicks the clown squarely in the balls again.
Chrestomanci Bard: Ten years later, and she's still having nightmares.
Chrestomanci Bard: Yar.
You: Clowns don't have balls. They reproduce asexually.
Chrestomanci Bard raises an eyebrow.
Laura Ingersoll: With their damned balloon genitalia.
Chrestomanci Bard: And you know this because...?
You: I mean, they'd have to, right? Who'd have sex with a clown? And yet... More clowns!
You: Infallible logic.
Chrestomanci Bard: Your clown logic kung fu is strong.

Bowling at Spittoonie.

We wandered around for an hour or two, riding the rides and seeing the sites. Then, we ended the evening with a few frames at the bowling alley, and a couple holes at the mini golf course. It was fun, in spite of the considerable lag. I'm kind of sad to see the old place go.
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