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Moriash Moreau: My Second Life
Tuesday, March 29, 2005
SL in Stereo
Just a quick one today. I was sorting through some old screen shots, and ran across some more accidental stereo pairs. As you may remember, these came up before. Taking stereo pairs is remarkably easy in Second Life. Simply center your rotation on the subject object (by using Alt-Left-Click). Take a screenshot. This will be your left eye image. Then, rotate slightly to the right, centered on the subject (using either the camera control rotate-right or Alt-Right-Arrow). This is the right eyed image. From there, it's just a matter of adjusting the image sizes in your favorite art package and glomming them together side-by-side. Put the right eye image on the left and left eye image on the right for cross-eyed viewing. Keep the right eye image on the right for wall-eyed viewing. (See below.)

There are two basic types of stereo images: "cross-eyed" and "wall-eyed." The former requires you to cross your eyes such that they converge in front of the image. The latter requires you to focus beyond the image. I've decided to present these and all future stereo images in cross-eyed format (link is to a tutorial for viewing them). My apologies to all of you experienced wall-eyed viewers out there, but I had to pick one format or the other, and I can't free view wall-eyed images to save my life. If you can't make it work (the first and third ones below turned out to be especially easy to see), don't stress about it. You're just not missing that much.

Some pipes in the ANWR Prim Drilling Platform

King Kong and Faye Wray, La Musee de la Crescent de L’ile de Montmarte

Picnic in the Park, Part One

Picnic in the Park, Part Two

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