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Moriash Moreau: My Second Life
Monday, April 25, 2005
Futile Rant #1: Texture Overlap
Okay, boys and girls, here's a quick tip for you. If you place your primitives such that two exposed faces are coplanar and occupy the same space, it looks like hammered crap. It's just that simple. SL will attempt to draw the textures for both faces in the same space, and it will blink and flicker like a badly tuned television. Yes, I know it's easier to dump walls and floors into the world this way. Otherwise you might have to... GASP... Do some math! Life is tough all over.

I've seen this in way too many otherwise beautiful builds. And I'm sure the builders of each one looked at it and thought, "Eh. Nobody will notice." Well I have news for you: everyone notices! Do yourself a favor. Do your neighbors, the ones who have to look at your epileptic-fit-inducing jaggy walls, a favor. No more overlapping faces! Got it? Good.
What about overlapping hair the .png textures are annoying as shit, should we change that or keep running around with our circus hair?
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