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Moriash Moreau: My Second Life
Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Recently, I've been taking the time to go on cross country bicycle rides. I'd encourage everyone to see the sights from ground level, every once in a while. In spite of the aerial abilities of the typical SL avatar, most builders still design their builds for surface-level viewing. As such, you miss quite a bit by flying overhead.

I've been using Tripper Tapioca's mountain bike for my outings. The built in animations allow me to move at running speed (CTRL-R to toggle running on and off) without the normal spazzy movements of SL's default run. I've found that running speed is a good compromise for sight seeing: fast enough to avoid boredom, slow enough to allow the scenery to rez. I've found that it's handy to add a gravity reducing llSetForce attachment to my riding gear, however. This smooths out some of the jerkiness when running/riding up steps, and increases jumping distances.

Totem poles in Borrowdale

In the sewers below Novum, Inc. in Selby

And on the factory floor at Novum.
That is a big door!

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