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Moriash Moreau: My Second Life
Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Look! Screenshots #3!
A few days ago, I decided to upgrade my glasses. Now, just for the heck of it, they fire red and green laser beams. Wheee!

Otherwise, my time was occupied with normal tinkering. I worked out a flying couch attachment for Laura (using a nifty canned animation override and a script to check flying state). I don't know why she wanted a flying couch, mind you. I'm just the script monkey.

I also spent about $200L on bubblegum from Moopf Murray's Lucky Dip gumball machines. Moopf has created a nifty little moneymaker there. Pay the machine, and get an animated bubblegum attachment. These attachments can be set to either blow bubbles on demand, or blow bubbles at random intervals. There are three different bubble blowing sequences built into the standard flavors, including one that pops with a loud snap and a subtle little particle effect. Nothing wildly exotic in the bubble attachment, but the dispensers themselves are a clever bit of coding. They actually signal a central bubblegum server, which in terms selects and sends the objects to the buyer. This allows Moopf to periodically update his bubblegum inventory, without having to update his vendors (which he sells either for a $100L flat fee, or for $1L and a 50% share of the sales income).

After buying a couple hundred pieces (at $1L apiece) in one long, slot-jockey-esque session, I managed to get all four of the current rare pieces. These include Popgum (which periodically explodes with a loud bang that sends the chewer sprawling), Inflatabubble (which sometimes lifts the chewer a few inches off the ground, complete with cute arm-waving animations), Double Bubble (which blows two bubbles at once), and Kaleidoscope (which can be set to 12 different flavors/colors). And, in the process, I also received several dozen copies of each of the regular flavors (if regular can be said to include checkerboard, swirled, and spotted varieties). Moopf has managed to tap into a hitherto unknown market: collectible bubblegum! Collect the whole set! Gotta chew 'em all!

Chres is surprised by the effects of Inflatabubble gum.

Here's a couple more 3-D images (cross-eyed view stereo pairs) culled from my screen captures folder, just because.

A chrome spider in the Linden lands.


Yesterday afternoon, I went to a parade in Athena. The parade itself was a bit of a disappointment. Apparently, a simulator crash prevented the construction of all but one or two of the floats. I did get molested by a Dark Elf, though, so the outing wasn't a total loss.

Rhiannon Chatnoir in Dark Elf garb.

The Tinies made an appearance at the after-party.

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